Nicotine, a misunderstood molecule.

  • Nicotine is found in several plants. The largest quantities are found in the tobacco plant, but it is also present in tomatoes, aubergines and even potatoes.
  • Addiction to nicotine arises from a combination of genetic, environmental and pharmacological factors.
  • 80% of physicians are unsure whether or incorrectly believe that nicotine causes cancer, emphysema, and heart attacks.
  • The death and disease caused by tobacco is caused by the inhalation of tobacco smoke, not the nicotine.
  • Cigarettes have been specifically designed and engineered to ensure the most rapid and effective absorption of nicotine.
  • Studies on the use of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) over the last 20 years have shown, in clinical trial and observational study settings, that nicotine is a safe drug.
  • There is no direct evidence that the nicotine in NRT is carcinogenic or influences the risk of other common smoking-related diseases in humans.
  • Health professionals can rest assured that nicotine products can be used safely for their patients, and especially when compared to the health risks associated with smoking.